Element 4-button LCD SmartSwitch Panel AX-PSW-LCD-4

4-button LCD SmartSwitch Panel

Four-key SmartSwitch has illuminated, dynamic LCD keys that can change text and backlight color based on conditional logic macros you construct in Pathfinder routing control software, using simple drop- down tools. Works with Element consoles.


  • Program these backlit LCD button panels using Axia PathfinderPC software to provide producers or talent with remote access to often- used machine-control or software functions.
  • In-button LCD display shows function readout.
  • Dynamic programming allows specific assigned functions to change for each Show Profile or in response to user activation.
  • Requires PathfinderPC
  • Easily connects to Element CANbus using CAT-5 cable.
  • 6”x 2”, requires 2” mounting depth.