IC.1D 20-Station Intercom Panel AX-PCOM-CAP-20

IC.1D Intercom

Axia IP Intercom is the only broadcast intercom system that takes advantage of the ease and efficiency of proven IP-Audio technology.

The IC.1D is a cost-effective way to add intercom capabilities to any studio. It has 20 station presets for quick contact with frequently-called locations.


  • 100% digital system, end to end.
  • Full 20 Hz – 20 kHz audio response allows intercom channels to be taken to air with no degradation of sound quality.
  • Ethernet-based system has no central matrix or card-cage; is naturally scalable. Easily expand the number of intercom stations as your facility grows by simply plugging in new stations.
  • Stand-alone system with I/O that will accommodate multiple mixing consoles.
  • If you have an Axia system, you’ll get seamless console integration that gives your operators benefits other systems can’t, like the ability to take broadcast quality intercom audio directly to air, and feed IFB audio directly to intercom callers.
  • Analog I/O presented on both XLR and StudioHub-compatible RJ-45 connectors.
  • Features 20 LED-backlit film-cap buttons that are easily labeled with station names.
  • Includes an OLED callback window to permit identifying and answering multiple calls from any remote stations not programmed on a local station key.
  • Built-in speaker, front- and rear panel mic connections, 4-pin locking headset jack, GPIO connection for speaker mute/dim and external line-status tallies.
  • Program station presets and GPIO functions using any standard Web browser.
  • Add PCs to the system with SoftCom Intercom Station for Windows.
  • Requires one unused 100Base-T Ethernet switch port.
  • Auto-sensing power supply, 90VAC to240VAC, 50Hz to 60 Hz. 30 Watts.
  • 34.1 cm wide, 21.6 cm deep and 11.5 cm tall.