Fusion Mainframes AX-FUS-008


Fusion Mainframes are constructed from custom aluminium extrusions for maximum rigidity. Fusion modules connect to the frame via CAT-5, and are fixed with two screws.

8-Position Mainframe - Width: 46.5 cm, Front-to-back: 51.5 cm
12-Position Mainframe - Width: 64.3 cm, Front-to-back: 51.5 cm
16-Position Mainframe - Width: 82.1 cm, Front-to-back: 51.5 cm
20-Position Mainframe - Width: 99.8 cm, Front-to-back: 51.5 cm
22-Position Mainframe - Width: 108.7 cm, Front-to-back: 51.5 cm
24-Position Mainframe - Width: 117.6 cm, Front-to-back: 51.5 cm
28-Position Mainframe - Width: 135.4 cm, Front-to-back: 51.5 cm

Picture shows an Fusion 24-position mainframe with modules.


  • Fusion is a modular IP-Audio mixing console.
  • Beautiful and rugged, with anodized metal work surfaces and high-resolution OLED displays.
  • From 4 to 40 fader channels, with instant, unlimited access to any source.
  • Designed to work with the Axia PowerStation or Studio Mix Engine.
  • Plugs into the network with a single CAT-6 or CAT-5e Ethernet cable.
  • Four Program buses and four auxiliary buses.
  • A variety of module types provide control of mic/line inputs, telephones and other devices.
  • Every channel has a stereo Preview (“cue”) function. Multiple channels may be assigned to Preview simultaneously.
  • Includes digital EQ, Omnia dynamic mic and headphone processing.
  • Enhanced, integrated features for phones and codecs include auto-assigned mix-minus on each channel, easy talkback for remote talent cueing, one-button off-air phone record mode, and optional integrated Telco line switching.
  • Virtual Fader and Virtual Mixer (VMix) technology with up to 16 five-channel VMixers allows extending the mixing capacity of your Fusion console far beyond physical fader count.
  • New Flex Source allows power users to build totally custom sources, with granular command of GPIO control, mix-minus, Talkback and other behavior, based upon console channel state.
  • Flexible Record Mode gives complete control of monitors, meters, headphone feeds, Program bus assignments and more.
  • Show Profiles allow up to 99 console “snapshots” with different preferences, layouts and defaults to be loaded instantly.
  • Livewire Audio-IP network allows sharing of local audio resources and associated GPIO control across multiple studios.
  • Requires one user-supplied DVI-D computer monitor with 16:9 aspect ratio, for metering and options display.

Fusion consoles require a power supply and mixing engine. Fusion may be used with either a separate Fusion Power Supply and Studio Mix Engine, or the PowerStation all-in-one power supply/mixing engine/audio I/O center.

Redundant power is available with either mix-engine platform. PowerStation users may add a PowerStation AUX with auto-switching backup power supply and additional I/O. StudioEngine users may connect a second Fusion Power Supply directly to the console for auto-switching, redundant backup power.