Fusion 20-Station OLED Intercom Module AX-MCOM-OLED20-F

Fusion 20-Station OLED Intercom Module

This 20-station intercom module, part of the Axia IP Intercom system, puts broadcast intercom controls right in the console.


  • Provides instant access to 20 pre-programmed intercom stations.
  • Individual talk and listen buttons and high-rez OLED displays give fast access to frequently-called stations.
  • Mic audio is taken directly from the console operator’s microphone; returning audio is directed to the console’s preview (cue) speaker.
  • Includes Auto-answer, dedicated listen volume control, individual mic and speaker mute keys and group talk functions.
  • Overbridge display works with Fusion monitor module numeric keypad to give direct access to any station; can also be used to dial outside phone lines for intercom conversations (using an optional telephone hybrid).
  • Station presets and GPIO functions are programmed using any standard Web browser.
  • Occupies 2 frame positions.

Fusion consoles require a power supply and mixing engine. Fusion may be used with either a separate Fusion Power Supply and Studio Mix Engine, or the PowerStation all-in-one power supply/mixing engine/audio I/O center.