Fusion 10-Button Smart Switch AX-MSW-LCD10-F

Fusion 10-Button Smart Switch

This programmable switch module works with Axia PathfinderPC routing control tools. It makes it easy to put custom routing salvos or simple machine logic right at talent’s fingertips.


  • Program this backlit LCD button panel using Axia PathfinderPC software.
  • Provides 1-touch access to often-used machine-control or software functions.
  • In-button LCD display shows function readout.
  • Dynamic programming allows assigned functions to change with each Show Profile or in response to user keypress.
  • Context-sensitive, high-resolution OLED alphanumeric channel display gives information on active operation.
  • Occupies 1 frame position.
  • Requires PathfinderPC.

Fusion consoles require a power supply and mixing engine. Fusion may be used with either a separate Fusion Power Supply and Studio Mix Engine, or the PowerStation all-in-one power supply/mixing engine/audio I/O center.

Redundant power is available with either mix-engine platform. PowerStation users may add a PowerStation AUX with auto-switching backup power supply and additional I/O. StudioEngine users may connect a second Fusion Power Supply directly to the console for auto-switching, redundant backup power.