Element Power Supply + GPIO Node AX-PWR-IO_B

Element PowerSupply

Element Power Supply + GPIO node provides regulated power and GPIO connections for Element consoles using StudioEngine mixing engine.


  • Element 48VDC power supply, required for each Element console using StudioEngine, in single or split-frame configurations - not required for Element consoles using PowerStation.
  • Includes 8 assignable GPIO logic ports; each port contains 5 opto-isolated inputs and 5 opto-isolated outputs, which can be associated with audio sources and/or destinations to provide machine start/stop pulses, lamp drives, and remote channel controls.
  • Additional GPIO capacity may be added to Axia systems using Axia GPIO xNodes
  • Rackmount, 2 RU; auto-sensing power supply, 90VAC to 240VAC, 50 Hz to 60 Hz. 150 Watts.

Element consoles require a power supply and mixing engine. Element may be used with either a separate Element Power Supply and Studio Mix Engine, or the PowerStation all-in-one power supply/mixing engine/audio I/O center.