Six-fader, two-bus Axia DESQ console is a cost-effective, small-footprint option for small production studios, remote vehicles, content ingest stations, or even "personnal" mixers for programming personnel.



  • Six faders, each with instant access to any source.
  • Proven surface-and-core architecture separates control from mixing processes.
  • Two stereo mixing buses and Preview (cue) bus.
  • Alpha-numeric OLED displays on each fader strip.
  • Audio confidence meter.
  • Built-in three-band per-source EQ.
  • Soft key context-sensitive can be used on each faders to activate talkback, start delivery system events, or perform other special functions.
  • Stereo Prview ("cue") function in every channel strip.
  • Monitor / headphone controls for auditioning of Program buses or two assignable External monitor source selections.
  • Four custom Show Profile "snapshots" can be saved.
  • Automatic mix-minus for phones, remote talent, etc..
  • High resolution OLED program meters switchable between VU and PPM metering styles.
  • All functions can be accessed remotely for configuration, management and diagnostic purposes using anu standard Web browser.
  • Separated OLED clock/timer display features NTP-capable time-of-day clock and event timer.
  • Easy-to-deploy QOR.16 integrated console engine includes console CPU and power cupply, DSP mixing engine, custom Ethernet switch with six Livewire + ports and two Gigabit ports for studio nertworking, etc..
  • QOR.16's integrated zero-configuration network switch is custom-designed for broadcasting - no switch setup required.
  • Supports Simple Networking, allowing up 4 QOR engines to be daisy-chained without the need for a separate core switch
  • Two RAQ consoles, or one RAQ and one DESQ console may be paired with a single QOR.16 for cost-effective multi-console deployment.
  •  Fan-free, convection-cooled power supply for noiseless in-studio operation.